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How to apply for a job at India Airport

If you are looking for a profitable job, which will bring you incredible benefits and a peaceful life for you and your family, it is worth considering working at India Airport, one of the airports with a very intense daily traffic of people and many demands, which ended up generating a need for more hires for this year.


  We will present here the different types of services with open positions. Previous experience is not necessary for most of these opportunities, and it is very simple to apply. Check out some open opportunities and see the activities that each one carries out at the airport.

Available Opportunities

Check here all the opportunities available for immediate hiring and the role each of them performs at India airport. Remembering that each one has a unique remuneration and work schedule, and also different minimum requirements for each position. Learn a little about each function.

Working at an Airport on India can bem exciting.

1. Airport Assistant

As an airport assistant, your role is to serve customers, direct them to the right counters, check in and out at the customer service counter and guide passengers at the boarding gates. You will receive the training from airport staff necessary to perform the role correctly and serve customers effectively.

2 Technical Assistant

In this role you will meet all technical demands within the airport, machine maintenance, assisting technicians in the execution of fixed demands, and demands that may arise during the workday. The technical assistant ensures the functionality of the machines at the airport, and ensures that everything is in order and working.

3. Logistics Assistant

He is responsible for controlling and issuing invoices within the airport, he also controls and purchases stocks and materials necessary for the work of other professionals. As a logistics professional, your role is to ensure that all material needed for work is in stock, guaranteeing quality time for everyone.

4. Human Resources Assistant

You will be responsible for hiring and firing, controlling salaries and issuing paychecks, distributing benefits, transportation vouchers, and controlling employee timesheets. The human resources professional ensures that payments are distributed correctly to all other employees and answers their questions.

5. Young apprentices

As a young apprentice you are hired to learn. You can be sent to different sectors within the airport and learn a little about each one, so you can better identify and understand which one you like working most. The young apprentice has a reduced working day, and generally assists a professional and learns from him during the working day.

I want to apply!

Now that you know a little about each vacancy available at the Airport in India, you need to register your CV to be part of the selection process and get your opportunity. To do this, simply access the official website of local airports and click on the “Work with us” tab.

All local airport websites provide the ability to register CVs in the talent bank, where they are screened and then called to the interview phase. There will be more than 2.000 job vacancies distributed this year, starting immediately.